Biography Yhebe Design


It is the novel of the rose, where all the art of love is enclosed ‘
Guillaume Lorris.

The story of Yhebe Design is written with that of its creator Rebecca Zoro. Rebecca was born and raised in Côte d’Ivoire. Her childhood she remembers with candor, in the heart of this welded family that communicated to her love and joy. These beautiful emotions have been at the genesis of Rebecca’s creativity that flourishes on works made of paper common to small Ivorian girls. But for Rebecca, these childish creations are beyond that the beginnings of a dream of beauty that her mind nourishes and which will shape her future life. Little Rebecca likes to create, to see her imagination take shape. Clothes exert a fascination on her which prevents her from resisting the call of the scissors. However, Rebecca knows that if she wants to sublimate humans with quality clothes, she must train.
‘It’s the time you lost for your rose that makes your rose so important’
Antoine de Saint-Exupéry

In 2009, Rebecca decided to take a training course in order to realize her dream: to create. Her diploma in hand, she make a formation in a house of coutre in ivory coast. After 3 months of training, Rebecca flies to Morocco to complete the basics of her style at the school “LaSalle Morocco”. This initiatory journey, she savors it with humility and wonder. She creates her world, made of beauty and romanticism in which she takes refuge and sheds her first sketches. The scribbles of the little girl Rebecca is gradually transformed into sketches of a creative asserted. Through the encounters and the emotions that she makes, the idea of ​​her brand is progressively created in her mind, the one that will sublimate as she always dreamed.

She has received the necessary training and is ready to return to her lands, offer her know-how and her world to all lovers of beauty.
‘Do not wait till tomorrow, pick the roses of life today’
Stone of Ronsard

Back in Abidjan, Rebecca Zoro materializes her dream of child by creating the brand YHEBE DESIGN. When she decided to embark on the adventure of creation and beauty, Rebecca sought the perfect name, the one that would contain in itself all the emotions she wants to convey. As a child, his father called him by a small affective name: YHEBE. The evidence appeared to him that it was perfect to name his mark. YHEBE represents an odyssey of love and sensitivity that like the rose has 5 petals, deploys all its energy to make happy all those who are carried away by its perfume. Rose, moreover, that Rebecca adopted as a muse and emblem. The rose inspires her. She transmits to him a remarkable finesse in her creations, this natural and simple elegance that sublimates the woman.

The aestheticism of YHEBE draws its source from the 1920s, the period of the hyper-woman, where the charms were set in these straight, yet very feminine cuts, these geometric lines softened by fluid and delicate fabrics. The clean lines, simple, modern and elegant silhouettes are the signature of YHEBE. This creative work has enabled the ready-to-wear brand to emerge in two years as a reference. The novel of the rose between Rebecca Zoro and the public through YHEBE Design will continue to be written with romanticism and elegance.

A cunt who walks is better than ten seated intellectuals

“jacque audiberti”