Inspiration – Crop Top Yhebe Design Yellow and Green

Hello Pagnifik World. Here Mary, the creator of Pagnifik. This article is an opportunity to present you a favorite for a quality Ivorian brand and to offer you a spring look precisely with a holding of the brand in question: it is Yhebe Design, created by the stylist Rebecca Zoro.

Yhebe Design is a young Ivorian brand based in Abidjan. Its designer Rebecca Zoro is part of the generation of Ivorian designers determined to mark their time and to dare. Thus, she combines in her creations both modern and vintage cuts. With a skilful blend of loincloths and fabrics that perfectly defines its style.

When the opportunity was given me to have one of his creations, I did not hesitate a single second to opt for this crop top. It symbolizes everything I love for spring. Already the colors: yellow and blue green send me back to this season of the year that I love so much. Yellow for the return of the sun (finally, normally this early spring of 2017 is quite disappointing about this), and green for the awakening nature, the trees that regain their leaves.

This print also reminds me of an era in Cote d’Ivoire where the Woodin brand launched a fashion called “Fluo”. The flashy colors of this style were then in vogue with colored weddings style color block “yellow and green”, “pink and blue”. Nostalgia…

To return to the crop top Yhebe Design, it is not only the print that seduced me, but even more the cut: I like the well cut outwear and especially that unveil little body. This top is perfect: it reveals nothing of the décolleté and thus allows to be sufficiently covered without needing to add to it by this spring time where temperatures can surprise to go down quickly below 10 or even 5 °.

Here is a new favorite piece to add to my wardrobe.

You can discover the universe of the brand Yhebe Design on their social networks; And if you live in Abidjan where you have the opportunity to go there soon, know that the brand has a shop at II Plateaux, opposite the Ecole Clairefontaine.

Facebook Yhebe Design | Instagram Yhebe Design

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